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Metal fitting

Panel component EH-M

Häfele Cat.-No.:

For screw fixing to panels with 4 mm Pan head screws
Screw holes at 32 mm intervals

Dimensional drawings


Keku® EH-M
The safety suspension fittings for interior design

The new Keku® EH-M and Keku® EHS-M fittings are distinguished by simple and quick installation, removal and reusability.

The complete set consists of a safety bracket (panel component), a support bolt (frame component), a washer to produce the lateral guide and the system screws 4 x 25mm and 4 x 30mm. Safety brackets and bolts are designed in such a way that the mounting holes can be used in the standard furniture construction grid of 32 mm.

The Keku® EH-M and Keku® EHS-M safety bracket (panel component) is a stamped bent part made of spring steel with two mounting holes (∅ 4mm) at intervals of 32mm. The dimensions of the safety bracket are 78.5mm x 16mm x 12.75mm (L x W x H), with a material thickness of 1.2mm.

The snap-in effect is created by the special shape of the tapered rounded lip. The suspension stroke is 12mm. The supporting bolt (frame component) of the Keku® EH-M und Keku® EHS-M is a turned part made of steel with a galvanised surface. It consists of a socket D = 8mm/L = 16mm with plinth D = 13.5mm / L = 4mm and a continuous drill hole D = 4mm. Its dimensions are 20mm x 8mm/13.5mm (L x D1 /D2). The plinth has a rounded edge at the transition surface to the socket, which easily positions the plinth in the right position when it is suspended.

The Keku® EH-M panel component or the Keku® EHS-M panel component are made of 1.4310 spring steel with a material thickness of 1.2mm. Thanks to the selected design, the fitting provides the necessary flexibility for a click-in function. Pan head screws (∅ 4mm) are used for fixing to screw-resistant cladding panels. The frame component is a supporting bolt made of galvanised steel, which is screwed to the supporting profile using a system screw for light metal. The supporting bolt can be optionally extended with a lateral guide washer. The 4 x 30 mm system screw with countersunk head is used to screw it to the supporting profile.

The resulting positive guidance ensures that an exact joint width is achieved.
The support bolts can also be used on non-Keku® rectangular profiles made of metal or wood. Depending on the requirements, the system screws or pan head screws (∅ 4mm) or Hospa screws with a suitable length can be used for this. The suspension stroke is 12mm.

Keku® EH-M and Keku® EHS-M are designed for high loads and are highly resistant to contamination by chemical substances. Pan head or Hospa screws (∅ 4mm) should be used to fasten the panels to screw-resistant cladding panels.

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