We have a great deal in common

KUSANKE Beschlagtechnik GmbH & Co. KG and Häfele GmbH & Co. KG

It all began when the entrepreneur and inventor Karl-Ernst Kusanke introduced his innovative fittings in 1981 to Walter Thierer, erstwhile managing director of the Häfele company. The tools and the related possibilities for carpenters, woodworkers, trade fair builders and many other trades were already clear to both of them from the very beginning. This started a successful contractual relationship, which has been continued faithfully by both parties to this day.

Today, the Häfele Group is one of the leading suppliers of furniture and construction fittings across the globe. It is still the sole distributor for the patented Keku® fittings. KUSANKE Beschlagtechnik GmbH & Co. KG organises direct deliveries to Häfele foreign subsidiaries in Great Britain, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Denmark, America, Australia, Japan, Canada, Thailand and South Korea.

We are proud of our cooperation with a strong distribution partner.

1981 Start of the partnership
1982 Start of sales by Häfele
1996 Presentation at the trade fair in Atlanta (Georgia, USA)
1997 Trade fair presence at Woodmac Asia (Jakarta International Expo)
1991-1999 Trade fair presence at the Interzum Cologne, Nuremberg, Ulm (large red Keku exhibits, room system, AD 30)

In recent years, we have showcased our products at various in-house exhibitions organised by the HÄFELE sales offices.

Keku Kunststoffbeschlag

Keku® Plastic fittings

Keku Metallbeschlag

Keku® Metal fittings

Mess- und Hilfstools

Measuring / auxiliary tools