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Keku® suspension fittings

Keku® suspension fittings

The Keku® suspension fittings are useful “helpers” for a wide variety of tasks. For example, they are used in front doors for doubling, cladding panels, wall and ceiling panels or for front panel attachments in furniture construction. The Keku s®uspension fittings generally consist of two parts. (Unless they are also fitted with a spacer plate).

There is the Keku® EH panel component equipped with and without a lip with Hospa and Varianda drill holes. The Keku® EH, EHS and EH frame components make up the counterpart for groove mounting and are screwed to the substructure. The Keku® EHS frame component is characterised by the fact that it prevents lateral displacement of the connected surfaces and thus ensures a constant joint width
The Keku® EH spacer plates provide additional variability. They can be stacked and are self-fixing, for example, by lifting the Keku® EH panel component in order to create flush surfaces with adjacent door fronts.
The Keku® EH and EHS area components are ideally suited for flush panel connections, for suspending balustrade panels in window areas and fascia panels in passages or for radiator covers. The “panel to panel” fixing type is possible without requiring an additional auxiliary structure

Keku® fittings are made of polycarbonate (PC). Production of the fittings is subject to a continuous quality control process. The individual fitting components can withstand tensile and compressive forces of 300N in all directions.

The Keku® fittings are also available in the colours white and grey, as well as a transparent version. Load-bearing plastic fittings made of polycarbonate PC must not be treated with chemical solutions or aggressive greases. The load specifications and processing guidelines from the latest brochure “Technical Values and Processing Instructions” apply. Thanks to the large number of Keku® applications, we recommend that the installer should first carry out a trial fitting for special requirements.

We will be happy to send you load tables and data sheets.

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