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Expertise meets passion

Keku®, the perfect customer solution

135 years of family tradition coupled with 40 years of development and manufacturing experience with fastening fittings for the skilled trades and the furniture industry – in other words, a vast wealth of expertise in working with architects, planners, craftsmen and visionaries: this is precisely what the company Kusanke Beschlagtechnik GmbH & Co KG stands for.

Back in 1981, the inventor and master carpenter Karl-Ernst Kusanke developed his own series of furniture fittings and founded the Kusanke Beschlagtechnik company in Lüdenscheid in the Märkischer Kreis district.

The business segment experienced rapid growth, not least thanks to the outstanding sales activities of Häfele GmbH & Co. KG. As a result, it demanded more and more attention. Kusanke Beschlagtechnik GmbH & Co.KG is now run separately by the managing directors Karl-Ernst Kusanke and Christian Steuber.

Tools for skilled precision, time savings and reversibility

The Keku® fittings, which are protected by numerous patents, are in demand all over the world. They have long since been sold on all continents. After several years, the fittings were expanded to include a versatile aluminium substructure. This focus on a niche application area again gave rise to a flexible and impressive solution, which is very popular with the users.

This is all because the Keku® R room system provides craftsmen and fitters with a very cost-effective construction method for individual projects in shopfitting, trade fair construction and interior design, thanks to the use of modules which can be easily and quickly combined.

KUSANKE Beschlagtechnik represents decades of experience, well thought-out and time-tested solutions as well as continuous product improvements and customer service that is tailored to your needs.

Keku Kunststoffbeschlag

Keku® Plastic fittings

Keku Metallbeschlag

Keku® Metal fittings

Mess- und Hilfstools

Measuring / auxiliary tools