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Keku room system

System overview

The Keku® room system makes work easier…

…and ensures better results.

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Tragprofil

Supporting profile

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Bodenprofil

Floor and ceiling profile

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Stellprofil

Adjusting profile

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Fugenprofil

Joint profile

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Fugenprofil gelocht

Joint profile with holes

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Fugenprofil horizontal

Horizonzal joint profile

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku 3D Fugenprofilsicherung

Joint profile securing clip

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku 3D Wandbefestigung

3D-wall/ceiling fastener

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku 3D Wandabstandhalter

3D wall spacer

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Profilverbinder

Profile connector

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Hochstelleinsatz

Elevating insert

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Eckwinkel

Corner bracket

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Einschubverbindung 50

Insert connector 50/50

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Einschubverbindung 70

Insert connector 70/70

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Querverbinder

Cross connector

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Laengsverbinder

Longitudinal connector

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Gehrungsverbinder

Mitre connector

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Einschubanhaenger

Insert suspension fitting

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Paneelverbinder

Panel connector

Kusanke Raumsystem Keku Nutenstein

Slot nut

The Keku® R room system enables customised room design in sophisticated interior construction along with partition walls of varying thickness, as well as constructions for suspended and false ceilings. The system’s strength lies in its wide range of possible applications. The comprehensive, user-friendly, variable system consists of aluminium profiles, a variety of connectors, angled components, surface modules, suspension components, screws and much more.

All products can be combined and make up part of a sophisticated concept that is perfect for creative, innovative ideas for interior design. The Keku® R room system stands for functional “modules” You can find out about the features of our products and how to best combine the respective products with all the necessary technical information on the product subpages and in our brochure “Keku® fittings and room system”.

The Keku® R room system allows virtually unlimited creativity and imagination. The system makes it easy to plan and implement requirements and processes.

Keku® R area of applications:
– Problem walls
– Wall cladding with individual joint and panel sections
– Media walls, media and conference rooms
– Parking area solutions for sliding walls
– Acoustically effective partition walls
– Partition walls with integrated doors, built-in cabinets or inspection openings
– Mobile rooms
– Trade fair stands
– Shopfitting solutions
– Travelling exhibitions, information events, events
– Shop-in-shop solutions
– Room-in-room systems
– Ceiling claddings
– Furniture construction

Keku Kunststoffbeschlag

Keku® Plastic fittings

Keku Metallbeschlag

Keku® Metal fittings

Mess- und Hilfstools

Measuring / auxiliary tools