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Metal fittings

Keku® metal fittings – Extra security for high requirements and in fire protection

The Keku® EH-M and EHS-M suspension fittings

The Keku® EH-M and Keku® EHS-M metal suspension fittings were developed in 2019 to meet the demand for non-combustible fittings. The developers focused on temperature resistance and load capacity in equal measure. We have taken meticulous steps to ensure that they are as resistant as possible to contamination by chemical substances. Since they perfectly meet these high requirements, they are ideally suited for many safety-relevant structures in interior design.

The Keku® metal fittings are made of spring steel with a material thickness of 1.2 mm. They have the same function and the same attachment points as the proven polycarbonate suspension fittings. This also makes them ideal for use in interior design, where elements must be quickly removed in order to be able to service the technology concealed behind them.

Matched to the aluminium Keku® R room system

The Keku® EH-M and Keku® EHS-M metal suspension fittings create the perfect combination with the aluminium Keku® R room system, enabling a stable cladding substructure. The universal Keku® R aluminium substructure consists of perforated aluminium profiles with adjustable accessories to which the Keku® EH-M and EHS-M suspension fittings can be attached in various ways, depending on the project. The Seko 4×30 and Liko 4×25 mm system screws must be used to attach the supporting bolts to the Keku® R system

In addition, the metal fittings can also be securely combined across systems with various rectangular profiles made of metal and light metal and wood from other systems.

Simply well-designed and safe – the Keku® EH-M and EHS-M metal fittings

The advantages of the entire Keku® fitting system include quick installation, removal and reusability. This also applies to Keku® metal fittings.

The Keku® EH-M and Keku® EHS-M fitting set consists of a safety bracket, a bolt and a washer for the optional lateral guide. The supporting bolt can be attached to the Keku® R system using special system screws. The safety bracket and the bolt are adjusted in such a way that the mounting holes can be used in the 32 mm grid system, which is common in furniture construction.

Using a system screw Din IB 115 – ST 4 x 25 / pan head tapping screws for light metal, the bolt can then be screwed into the rows of holes of an aluminium supporting profile, drill hole diameter D = 3.8mm. Standard pan head screws D = 4mm are required to attach the safety brackets
to the respective cladding panels.

The Keku® EH-M and the Keku® EHS-M metal suspension fitting are non-combustible and extremely resilient fittings for high safety requirements.

Keku® EH-M and Keku® EHS-M metal fittings for when safety is of the utmost importance

Designed for:
– Media and conference rooms
– Special trade fair constructions
– Partition wall systems
– Pre-wall cladding
– Suspended room ceilings

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