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Keku room system

The Keku® room system (Keku® R) at a glance

Shopfitting system, interior design system, trade fair system

The Keku®R room system is a universal aluminium substructure for a large number of possible applications. It offers ideal structural engineering for professional use in trade fair and shopfitting as well as in the interior design of commercial or private buildings. The system also enables complex special constructions in the shortest possible time.

The Keku® room system has been the preferred solution for room-in-room systems, partition wall systems and modern conference rooms for years now. In the past, the Keku® room system has also been used to construct large trade fair stands for leading German car manufacturers (VW, Audi, etc.). This is not surprising. Just take a look at our product overview to see just how many design options the system offers.

The Keku® room system offers excellent support for modular room and wall systems, since it is the ideal solution for virtually any individual floor plan and a wide range of requirements.

Keku Kunststoffbeschlag

Keku® Plastic fittings

Keku Metallbeschlag

Keku® Metal fittings

Mess- und Hilfstools

Measuring / auxiliary tools