Keku®,the brand, our claim

Simply perfect!

Our company was and is committed to making the work of the trade and specialist craftsmen in furniture and interior design significantly easier through innovative, practical and useful “helpers”. The developments of Karl-Ernst Kusanke (Karl-Ernst Kusanke = Keku® ) are technically and meticulously thought out and have revolutionised design and construction in the woodworking trade and in the furniture construction industry.

The user-friendliness, easy handling and exact fit of our products promote cost-effective and precise work. The connection and functional fittings for furniture and interior fittings allow modules to be quickly and securely joined together and removed again without any damage. This is increasingly important in the age of smart homes, since technicians must have the easiest possible access to power and data cables. What’s more, this flexibility is also a trump card in trade fair construction and shop fittings: reversibility allows components to be re-used. Sustainability and environmental protection are a key concern for many of our customers as well as for us.

The production of Keku® fittings and the material used are monitored by a customised QA system. We receive immediate feedback on the quality of Keku® fittings thanks to the constant processing of the fittings in our own production. (Our best method of testing the fittings, however, is by using the Keku® fittings in our own production.) We always knew that we would have to manufacture in-house at our headquarters to make this possible. This ensures high quality and maximum safety at the same time. Our range of products is constantly being expanded and supplemented with market-oriented products. Our long-standing production and distribution partners are committed to ensuring respect, transparency and fairness.

The Keku® fitting and room system has been setting standards over forty years. Craftsmen and professionals all over the world place their trust in our fitting system and our Keku® room system. As a result, well over half a billion modules have been sold around the globe to date.

And yet the same still applies: our customers with unique challenges can rely on our sound, practical advice and support.

Only our original fittings meet the required technical values. You can verify the authenticity of our trademarked fittings via the following markings:

1: Nest number
2: Material ID
3: Year of manufacture
4: Month
5: Make

The Keku® system is distinguished by:
– Assembly convenience
– Flexibility / versatility
– Modular design
– Quality
– Cost-effectiveness

Keku Kunststoffbeschlag

Keku® Plastic fittings

Keku Metallbeschlag

Keku® Metal fittings

Mess- und Hilfstools

Measuring / auxiliary tools