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Keku fittings

Quality and Innovations

The Keku® fitting system: focused on straightforward solutions

Fittings for furniture, panels and wall claddings

The Keku® fitting system has been on the market for forty years now and is distributed worldwide by the Häfele company. The small Keku® fittings have become a permanent fixture in the trade and furniture industry. Above all, installers appreciate their precision and simple handling, as well as the practical application solutions provided by the individual Keku® fittings as well as the entire system.

The first fitting was designed by the founder of KUSANKE Beschlagtechnik GmbH & Co KG, Karl-Ernst Kusanke, back in 1981. He used fixing points to match the furniture construction and furniture manufacturing principle in the 32 grid system. This fitting is still produced in the same form today.

Over the years, the range of patented, practical Keku® helpers has been expanded with more and more new application possibilities. Keku® fittings are now available in various designs and variants, as suspension, slide-on and double partition fittings.

The increasing requirements placed on quality assurance have over time made it necessary to add a few small changes to them, such as timestamp clocks and material markings. This is due to the fact that more and more untested counterfeit products from China (counterfeit products of inferior material quality) are surfacing on the market.

One system and a wide range of applications

The Keku® fitting system provides a perfect basis for reversible problem solutions in interior design and furniture construction. This is because they offer great connections and are also easy to release. Among other things, the time-tested functional principle of Keku® connectors is ideally suited for attaching panels, ceiling constructions, built-in walls, panelling, covers or furniture elements. Each Keku® fitting consists of two components.

The suspension fittings with lateral guides were designed for easily detachable corner connections. Due to the different designs, the suspension function is the standard solution for all front panel attachments using suspension fittings. The slide-on fittings are the ideal solution for panels that do not require suspension clearance. They are mounted in such a way that the panel can be conveniently slid onto the fittings. As the name suggests, the double partition fittings are the perfect helpers for doubling up, for example, for front doors or cladding panels.

Polycarbonate (PC) is a high-quality engineering plastic with virtually perfect properties, and is used as the basic material for Keku® fittings. Polycarbonate offers stiffness, impact strength, dimensional stability as well as good insulating properties and flexible temperature resistance at the same time. In addition, Keku® suspension, slide-on and double partition fittings are highly resistant to ageing.

In addition to the standard colour, black, the suspension and slide-on fittings are also optionally available in white or in a transparent version. These transparent Keku® fittings are not invisible, but they are elegantly subtle.

The Keku® fitting system, the reversible connection and functional fittings for furniture and interior design. They are flexible, precise and stable.

You can order Keku® fittings right here:

Keku®fittings are ideal for:
– Partition wall structures (also available with multiple layers)
– Technical panels
– Corner connections
– Door structures
– Cabinet panels
– Inspection panels
– Side panels
– Ceiling claddings
– Mounting options
– Doubling
– Interlinking

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