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Keku fittings

Measuring and auxiliary tools

Keku® makes skilled handcraft easier

Auxiliary tools for the tailor-made use of Keku® fittings

KUSANKE Beschlagtechnik offers craftsmen a measuring disc as well as a drilling template to further simplify the precision use of the fittings.

The Keku® measuring disc for the lateral positioning of Keku® fittings

The Keku® measuring disc makes it possible to determine the exact edge distances for the panel components. Two dimensions, the height dimension and the edge distance dimension, are required for positioning of the Keku® fittings. The edge distance is determined by the fitting specific dimension for the fixing holes. In the case of the suspension fitting (e.g. 12 mm), this is calculated by adding the overlay of the cover on the cabinet side (e.g. 7 mm). The desired overlay of the panel on the cabinet side or the battens of the substructure is set on the outer ring.

The values (in red letters) for the fitting types AS / ASR, EH and EHS can then be read in the round fields. The drilling position for the Keku® area components can also be determined. Set the joint width and read off the values in the round fields (green text).

The Keku® depth-stop drilling template for mounting the fittings

Drill holes for the Keku® panel components are usually drilled on a machining centre. Almost the same results can be achieved, however, by using the convenient Keku® depth-stop drilling jig. It can be used to precisely drill the frame and panel components. Individual stops can be created for the following fittings: Keku® EH / EHS, Keku® As / ASR and Keku® EH-M / EHS-M.

The Keku® drilling jig has two sides. The drill holes for the frame components are on one side. The other side is intended for the panel components. The drilling jig is aligned with a reference line which marks the seat of the fittings on the panel and the cabinet side or battens. The respective fixing points are then transferred to the panels using a pin, pricking awl or centring drill.

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