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Keku Fittings

Plastic fittings

Keku® plastic fittings, a strong interior design element

A brand with 40 years of tradition

The fittings follow a clearly defined functional principle for the specific application and ensure perfect stability for furniture and components. The key strengths of Keku® plastic fittings include strength, hardness, impact resistance and rigidity.

Perfection in every detail

  • Suspension fittings are the standard solution for the reversible attachment of extremely large cladding panels. The tried and tested details of the fittings enable smooth, controlled handling of the wall and ceiling claddings and guarantee a secure and precise fit when used by an expert.
  • The slide-on fittings are primarily used in furniture construction. Front, side and plinth panels can be easily and securely slid into place from the front with these fittings. Since no height lift is required, these fittings are ideal for inspection panels.
  • The double partition fittings are used to fix two panels together with a gap of 15 or 30 mm.
  • They are also suitable for fixing door leaf doublings and the concealed interlinking of frame constructions.

Our ingenious range of plastic fittings is available in black. On request, we can also supply them in white, grey and transparent.

You can verify the authenticity of our trademarked fittings via the following markings:

  • Nest number, material, year and month of manufacture and make
  • Polycarbonate (PC) is the basic material for Keku® suspension, slide-on and double
    partition fittings.

In addition, the following applies to Keku® plastic fittings:

  • A certified quality assurance procedure monitors all production processes.
  • A structural-mechanical FEM calculation verifies the design of the assemblies in compliance with the material we specify.
  • The Keku® fittings and the Keku® R room system fulfil all requirements of the latest version of the REACH and RoHs regulations.
  • The legal limit value for SCCP (short-chain chlorinated paraffins) is observed.

The fire classification of the fittings depends on the panel materials used and can only be assessed once they have been installed.

During our load tests, the fittings must withstand tensile and compressive forces of 300 N in all directions over a defined period of time and must then return to their initial position.

Important note: Fittings made of polycarbonate PC must not be treated with chemical solutions or aggressive greases and must not be adjusted by striking. You can find more information and processing instructions in the brochure “Technical values and processing instructions”, which is available in the download menu.

You can find the various methods of using ® plastic fittings via the quick-access areas at the side: suspension fittings, slide-on fittings and double partition fittings.

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