The success story of Keku® fittings

An idea that connects: functional fittings for furniture and interior design

The original Keku® polycarbonate fittings have been used as exceptionally useful tools in high-quality interior design and furniture construction for four decades. The brainchild of Karl-Ernst Kusanke (Karl-Ernst Kusanke = Keku) has revolutionised the furniture construction industry and has now proven itself millions of times all over the world.

“Necessity” is the mother of invention!

There was a real problem in the beginning: the responsible building planners had not paid sufficient attention to fire protection requirements in the new Sparkasse building in Hagen during the mid-1970s. Since the commissioned test engineers objected to this, parts of the interior of the “langer Oskar” high-rise Sparkasse building had to be removed again. The Kusanke company based in Lüdenscheid was also involved in the interior design.

At that time, the Kusanke company had fortunately fastened the high-quality wall coverings made of French walnut, Makassar and mahogany with metal hooks and wooden dowels in such a way that they were relatively easy to remove.

This was a great relief when it came to retrofitting the fire protection equipment and gave rise to an ingenious idea: simple, versatile, reversible connection and functional fittings for furniture and interior fittings.

The fitting was designed with fixing points in the 32 grid system, a forward-looking, innovative decision that still makes the fitting an essential tool in the woodworking trade today.

New connecting elements again and again

After securing a strong, international sales partner in Häfele GmbH & Co KG from Nagold, the Kusanke team kept on developing new types of fittings in the ensuing years (Keku® slide-on and double partition fittings, metal safety suspension fittings and many more). Keku® fittings are now installed all over the world and used in trade fair construction, furniture construction, interior design and shopfitting.

The Keku® R room system, which allows a completely new, fast and flexible design for trade fair stands and front walls, has also been available as a complete aluminium substructure system since 1994. The Keku® ASR fitting makes it possible to push open inspection panels from the front without a height lift.

In 2009, the fitting system was expanded to include the EH and EHS area components. A metal version of the suspension fittings was launched in 2019 for special requirements and fire protection.

Specialists all over the world place their trust in Keku® fittings in the fields of wood, installation, trade fair construction and planning.

1981 Development of Keku® EH and EHS for groove mounting; production start, market launch
1982 Distribution of Keku® EH fittings by the company Häfele GmbH & Co. KG based in Nagold, Germany
1984 Expansion of the product range: Keku® AS fittings
1987 Expansion of the product range: Keku A®D fittings
1994 A system is born: development of the Keku® R supporting rail system
1995 Launch of the Keku® ASR fitting
1996 Successful launch in the US market
1997 Development of the Asian market
2008 Keku® panel connector
2009 Keku® EH and EHS area component
2017 Keku® safety fitting / set
2019 Keku® metal fittings, launch of the Keku® drilling template and measuring tool
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