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Keku room system

The Keku® room system, the universal aluminium substructure

The intelligent aluminium substructure for high-quality interior fittings

The Keku® room system, or Keku® R for short, was designed for complete wall and ceiling claddings. After all, when it comes to demanding substructures, easy handling, stability and precision are what count. Wooden frames and wooden substructures are expensive to make and wood also naturally expands and contracts. The Keku® room system offers dimensionally stable, weather-resistant and distortion-free aluminium profiles for the substructures of partition walls, wall claddings (panelling) or for ceiling solutions.

The aluminium profiles can be quickly and easily connected in a stable manner. Keku® slide-on or suspension fittings are optionally fixed to the profile perforations. They can then be used to attach panelling, panels, all screw-resistant panels from a material thickness of 10 mm. The Keku® room system is the perfect solution for fast and flexible expansion and offers even more advantages: it creates plannable space for insulation materials, for fire protection equipment, building services engineering or state-of-the-art IT tools. Thanks to the Keku® fittings, fascia panels can be easily removed.

The Keku® aluminium substructure for high-quality interior fittings in the private and public sector, and for trade fair construction and shopfitting enables individual design concepts with a variety of cladding materials to be implemented quickly.

Ideal for working efficiently – the Keku® room system focuses on user-friendly applications</strong

The Keku® room system makes it easy to pre-assemble substructures and suspension elements in the workshop. The aluminium substructure with integrated 3D adjustment and levelling device for the floor and ceiling is fixed to the wall and floor or secured between the floor and ceiling. The wall or ceiling panels can then be suspended quickly and securely (Keku® suspension fittings).

In addition to the intelligent installation and the resulting time savings, the Keku® room system impresses with other strengths:
– enables flexible use of varying wall thickness with outstanding statics
– offers outstanding dimensional accuracy for excellent joint precision and quality
– offers an almost unlimited number of possible combinations, which are also reversible

Thanks to the system’s easy disassembly process, the quick replacement of the panels and the integrated supporting system with accessories for product presentation, Keku® R is an attractive solution not only for the contract sector, but also for trade fair construction and shopfitting. In addition to the economic aspect, the responsible use of resources also plays an increasingly important role.

Keku® R is ideal for:
– Partition wall structures (also available with multiple layers)
– Ceiling structures
– Wall claddings

Keku® R has proven itself in:
– Project interior fittings (commercial: conference rooms, foyer; private: exclusive living spaces)
– Trade fair construction (whether conventional trade fair stand or eccentric exhibition space)
– Shopfitting (especially for removable fascia panels)

The Keku® strengths and unique selling points:
• Keku® R: for individual solutions, universal system, skilled handling
• Keku® B: modular fitting system for furniture construction and interior fittings with a large array of fitting types for (almost) all removable fastenings and connections.

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