Open for questions about using Keku® fitting technology

Our team is happy to help!

The Keku® fitting system allows you to work more efficiently. The wide range of options for using the system and the individual modules is almost unlimited. As a result, new ideas, suggestions and questions are always possible. We, as a good service partner, are happy to list general interesting questions and suggestions here.

Is there technical documentation available?
KUSANKE Beschlagtechnik GmbH & Co. KG provides technical documentation. In order to be able to use the documentation, however, you have to apply for access to the planning area.

Where can I order Keku® fittings?
You can order Keku® fittings from Häfele GmbH & Co. KG. You can find more details on our contact page.

Where can I get an offer?
You can obtain offers for our Keku® fittings from your local Häfele sales office. You can find more information on the website of our distributor Häfele. The contact details of our sales partner are also available on our contact page.

How many kilograms can the fittings support?
Please refer to the technical values of the individual fitting types. They are available in our brochure “Technical Values and Processing Instructions”, which you can find as PDF in our download area.
See the TÜV report in the download area

What is the required suspension stroke for Keku® suspension fittings?
Please note that the required suspension stroke of Keku® suspension fittings must be at least 20mm. 30mm is better for very large cladding panels to ensure easy threading.

Are the ® fittings also available in other colours?
In addition to the standard colour black, the suspension and slide-on fittings are now also available in white, grey and transparent (clear). Other special colours are only available on request with corresponding purchase quantities.

Which panel materials can be mounted or installed with the Keku® R room system?
The Keku® R room system is suitable for various types of screw-resistant panels with a panel thickness of 10 mm or more.

How many Keku® fittings are required for a single element?
The number of fittings depends on the function, format and features of the panel or fascia to be mounted. The standard value for the distance between the fittings is 800mm. See the load tables.

What is the distance between the individual supporting profiles?
The distance between the individual supporting profile depends on the panel width and the material properties of the panels. The standard value for 19mm panel material is 1,000mm.

When are Keku® suspension fittings without a lip used?
In the case of elements that are vertically suspended, part or all of the lip on the panel component is not necessary to simplify installation and removal.

When must the Keku® suspension fittings equipped with lips be used?
The Keku® suspension fittings equipped with lips must be used to fix and diagonally brace freestanding structures. In the case of ceiling claddings, the panel component equipped with a lip is necessary to achieve a secure fit.

Which fire protection requirements does the Keku® R substructure fulfil?
Detailed information on fire protection requirements are provided in the technical values in the download area

Is there a fitting available that meets the fire protection requirements?
With the special new safety hanging fittings made of metal – Keku® EH-M and Keku® EHS-M – you get non-flammable fittings.