The Keku® Element creates space.

Modular furniture system with Keku® expertise

The creative minds and practical experts behind the Keku® brand are distinguished by their systematic thinking. A modular furniture construction system is concealed behind the Keku® wall element, which allows attractive solutions for almost any room situation and impresses above all in offices.

The wall element is available in various colours and – fitted with a host of attachments – can perform a wide variety of functions. It can be used as a shelf unit, sideboard, wardrobe, room divider, display port, entertainment centre, resting place, light source and cabinet module holder.

The Keku® Element is available with lateral halogen light strips, integrated sound modules or recessed conference equipment.

The Keku® Element: simply well thought-out

Practicality is a key term for the products made by KUSANKE Beschlagtechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The flexible furniture construction system is based on creative freedom and straightforward thinking. The individual components are designed to meet customer requirements without any compromises. As a result, they can be quickly adapted to the respective room layouts and offer fast, individual room configurations.

All cables are routed behind the Keku® Element in specially designed spaces. Thanks to the extremely secure wall fastenings, the Keku® Element is almost impossible to shake – an important aspect, especially in areas with a number of visitors coming and going, such as clinics, law firms, reception areas, shops and hotel rooms.

Stylish appearance, functionality and durability

• Multifunctional
• Multiflexible
• Multimedial

Unique customisation. The Keku® Element can be fitted out according to customer requirements.

– Shelves
– Cabinet elements
– Wardrobe
– Magazine rack
– Media board
– Desk
– Lighting and sound equipment

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