An extract from the Keku® press articles

Our tools are a popular topic in trade magazines.

Ralf Köhler, success with Keku® . dds, the magazine for furniture and interior design, 02.02.1997

“The Keku® R room system extends the practical application of the Keku® fitting technology family, consisting of ASR slide-on fittings and suspension and double partition fittings, by adding a stable substructure of aluminium profiles for cladding walls and ceilings as well as for freestanding single and double partition walls. (…) Sheets and panels made of different materials can be easily clipped on at any time. (…) Individual and versatile solutions are designed based on simple standard system elements. (…)

The inventor of Keku® , Karl-Ernst Kusanke, a master carpenter from Lüdenscheid and owner of the interior design company of the same name, planned and constructed trade fair stands, e.g. for VW, Opel and Audi, with the well-known slide-on and suspension fittings. They were initially designed in conventional forms with wooden substructures. He also contemplated how to make working with Keku® even more efficient at the same time. He developed profiles for the substructure and added a wide range of accessories to it to create the Keku® R room system, which can be used universally today.”

BM, interior fittings / furniture / construction elements, functional both outside and inside, 01.11.1999

“The office partition walls consist of melamine resin-coated wood-based panels which are clipped onto a Keku® aluminium support structure. For example, shelves can be suspended in the joints of the wall cladding panels in the corresponding grid of the upright profiles, which can be variably adjusted”.

Wolfgang Nutsch, Suspended. BM, interior fittings / furniture / construction elements, 02.05.2006

“The Keku® fitting is also available as a slide-on fitting and is ideal for panels.”

Light as a guidance system. dds, the magazine for furniture and interior design, 08.03.2013

“The ceiling sections framed by light coves are secured with Keku® fittings. They are very easy to remove. This makes it possible to use the illuminated bulkheads in walls and ceilings to inspect fire detectors”.

“Wardrobe Welcome” in first place. dds, the magazine for furniture and interior design, 06.01.2018

“According to the jury’s verdict, the student has created multifunctional storage furniture in a small space with storage compartments on the left and right, supporting parts that can be used flexibly, USB connections, concealed lighting with switch and hidden cable management. Keku® fittings from the Häfele product range make the furniture easy to assemble and disassemble in no time at all.”

Johannes Bee, fittings for high demands. BM, interior fittings / furniture / construction elements, 05.11.2019

“Keku® polycarbonate fittings have been used for several decades in interior design and furniture construction for the concealed attachment of panels and wall coverings. The manufacturer, Kusanke Beschlagtechnik from Lüdenscheid, is now expanding its product range to include the EH-M metal fitting.”

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1988 dds: Small fittings with enormous efficiency…
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1997 dds: Success with Keku®
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1998 BM: Precision for the very top…
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Tackling technical challenges with Keku® fittings

Here a few examples of where Keku® was and is used::

  • AUDI Ingolstadt. Trade fair stands
  • Duisburg police department. Substructures for movable wall panels
  • Arnsberg District Government, Building and Real Estate Management NRW. Suspension fittings
  • Neubau Verwaltungszentrum GbR Magdeburg South. Wall cladding, radiator covers, interior fittings
  • Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal savings bank, new administrative high-rise at the Islandufer branch. Substructures for wall claddings, partitions, bulkheads, ceiling mirrors
  • HÄFELE America, exhibition room in San Francisco
  • Haus der Ärzteschaft Düsseldorf. Wall and ceiling cladding, steles
  • RWE Essen, interior design of meeting rooms. Soundproof wall cladding, doors, media rooms
  • Fachhochschule Gelsenkirchen University of Applied Sciences. Wall claddings
  • Vodafone AG, Behrensbau Düsseldorf. Cabinet installations with reversible panels for building services
  • Bochum congress centre. Wall claddings with insulation inserts, functional walls
  • DURABLE. Wall claddings
  • DEURNE credit bank, Belgium
  • WDR Studio Siegen. Acoustic wall cladding and partition walls, control rooms and studios
  • Deutsche Bank. video wall substructure
  • BMW Museum in Munich. Functional walls
  • (A large number of companies in the furniture industry)
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