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The Keku® slide-on fittings have been developed for attaching panels to frame structures and cabinet sides. The Keku® slide-on fitting consists of the AS panel component and the AS frame component, or is a combination of the AS panel component with the ASR frame component. Both components can be screwed onto the panels or the frame construction using chipboard screws (Hospa 4.0 or Varianta) and can then be joined (so that they are reversible). The AS spacer plate can also be used to create flush surfaces with adjacent door fronts. It can be stacked and is self-fixing.

The Keku® slide-on fittings offer the perfect flexibility for trade fair construction, for use in shopfitting and if occasional access to building services engineering must be ensured. After all, Keku® slide-on fittings can be used to create both temporary and permanent connections.

The AS and ASR fittings do not require a height lift which makes them perfect for inspection panels.
Keku® slide-on fittings are not suitable for suspended loads, such as ceiling panels.
This also applies to cladding panels that are fastened with slide-on fittings, which must not be screwed to any equipment that supports the automatic triggering of the click-in function through leverage forces and vibrations.

The Keku® slide-on fittings are designed for attachment in the 32 grid system. They are made of polycarbonate (PC) and can be used in the temperature range -100 to +135°C. Keku® slide-on fittings must not be treated with chemical solutions or aggressive greases. It is important to observe the processing guidelines in the latest brochure “Technical Values and Processing Instructions”.

We will be happy to send you load tables and data sheets.

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