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Keku Plastic fittings

Double Partition Fittings

Sturdy, versatile connector

Keku® double partition fittings

The Keku® double partition fittings are used for easy fixing or doubling up of panels, wall panels or panels on a substructure or frame structure. Chipboard screws (Hospa 4.0 or Varianta screws) are used for screw-mounting on panels.

The Keku® double partition fitting consists of two fitting components which can be joined together so that they are reversible. As with all Keku® fittings, the Keku® double partition fittings are also made of durable, stable polycarbonate (PC). Our production process is subject to reliable quality control measures. The Keku® double partition fittings can withstand tensile and compressive forces of 300N in all directions. When used properly, the maximum load-bearing capacity of a pair of fittings is 20kg. See the TÜV report in the download area

At least four pairs of fittings are required for doubling up panels. In order to ensure the even distribution of the load, the fittings must be screwed on precisely. The Keku® double partition fitting must not be treated with chemical solutions or aggressive greases.

We will be happy to send you load tables and data sheets.

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