Practical application solutions

Corner connections

Manufacturing projects with corner connections

Using Keku® fittings:
• Keku® EHS frame component
• Keku® EH panel component
• Keku® AS frame component
• Keku® AS panel component

Keku® fittings make it very easy to clad pillars or pipes and installation lines. After all, Keku® fittings make it easy to install precision and removable corner connections. The drawing illustrates an application as an example. Whether butt joints, mitred beaking joints, inner or outer corners, the connections are quick and easy.

Your advantages:
• Easy to understand
• Precise
• Fast and reversible

• Keku® AS is particularly suitable for furniture construction.
• Keku® EHS is the preferred choice for corner solutions for wall and column cladding with extremely large panels.

Praktische Einsatzlösungen: Eckverbindungen
Praktische Einsatzlösungen: Eckverbindungen
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